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Website & App Creation

We make any type of websites & Apps . You no need to worry anything. Just tell us, We will do everything.

Run & Grow Your Website

We will help you to plan, run & grow your website. If you want, we will manage everything for you..!

Consulting & Support

Our experts will take care everything. If you want any extra support or you find any issues, we will help you for free

SEO & Online Marketing

Our SEO experts & online marketing team will help you to reach the right customer at the right time

Website Prices Starts From Just $75 Only

Business Website
Online Store
All eCommerce Solutions
Hotel & Restaurant Website
Musician & Band Website
College & University Website
Organization & Institutional Website
Designers Website

Photographers Website
Doctors & Hospital Website
Artists Website
Technology Website
Video Website
News Website
Live 4D Interactive Effects
Showcase Website
Industry Specific Website

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We are Boomlexers. We create any type of websites just like a boom..! We use the latest website techniques & created our own secret laws for web designs, programming & development. We call those secret laws -The Lex (A secret code word for our office use). So the name BoomLex. Our websites load faster than average websites even though web pages are highly dynamic live 3D & 4D animated. We make any type of website from personal to the corporate level. Web Design is easy. But creating an amazing website is difficult. We make stunning websites according to your dreams and needs. We do some extra things also. We know how online businesses works..! We will help your website to grow faster than your competitors using some loopholes legally. We take care any websites online presence according to their types like hotel, photography, Designers, Online Store, Corporate E-Commerce level sites, Portfolio sites or any artists websites. Our Boomlex team is smart enough to handle any type problems that may cause you after delivering the website & it is completely free..!
If you already have a website and it is loading slow, then contact use, we will boost your website speed faster than you expected..! BoomLex is not just a Web Design company, but also a part of your business journey.


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A Few Testimonials

“Faster website, faster business. BoomLexers know how to do it perfectly & our website is the proof.”
– Thoumas Woodsworth, www.visa-lawyer-germany.com

“When our website launched, it loaded faster. But slowly we added many functions & apps like booking system. Then our website start to load slower than normal. BoomLex team made amazing job. Thank you.”

– William Smith, www.pushka-inn.com

“After contacting BoomLex team, our hotel website loads faster than I expected.”

— Hussain Shaikh, www.hotelshuktara.com

“Now our website loads faster than normal even though we included a lot of heavy application. Thanks for the BoomLex’s great work.”

-Scarlett Harper, fotonaut.cz

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What’s Our Speciality?

Today, Kids can make a website, But building a great website is not so easy.
We make more than you think..!!

Our Websites Loads Faster Than 70 – 80% Even though Fully Loaded With a Lot Of Functions..!!

Our website is highly dynamic with full of Live 3D, 4D effects, animation, UHD Photos, Advanced Security Stuffs, etc..!! That means, it should load slower than the general websites. But it is not. Surprisingly, It is faster than those boring simple websites..!

Website Speed

We use 26 special techniques to boost websites speed. So your website will load faster than nearly 70 – 80% of all websites. Our sites included so many functions, dynamic things, live 3D, 4D & highly graphic special effects also loads faster than the normal..!!
You can use any high-quality photos (e.g 50MB image..!), it will load faster than you expect without losing its original quality..!! Because our advanced software compresses the image during the load period, But once it loaded, it will regain its original quality before you blink your eyes….! So the final things you see on the web page is just awesome as crystal nature..! (If you compare with other highly dynamic websites with your constant hardware internet network speed, you will definitely notice it, But don’t compare with a website of no quality contents, Because it loads normally fast, But if we do just like the normal websites, Our website will load faster than those sites just like a Ferrari overtaking the government busses ).
You know Google loves fast loading websites, So it will rank your website quite higher than the slow loading sites & it will help to improve your overall SEO also.

Professional Business Website

Perfect websites for any type of business. We know what is the latest trends in business website & we make smarter, stronger, faster, securer than your competitors, Because are always update our skills with the latest standards & techniques. Below, you will know more about the business website.

Online Store & All Possible E-Commerce Solutions..!

We build, guide & support all e-Commerce things including International exchanges with local payments.

Exclusive Web Effects

Interactive 3D Pages

Looping Web
Special Effects

Amazing Live 4D Web Animation Surprises..!

Magic Website

Product Launch Page

& Infinite Possibilities Of Websites..!!!!

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